Soul Traits


Rachael Shadows

Height - 5 egg

Weight - 500 pounds

cucmber Hand - Right

Eye Color - robin egg blue

Mortal Name - Rachael Selenski

Futa Cock size - 8 inches

Vagina Depth: 4

Reported Cause of Death


Official Cause of Death

listened to beautiful girls by sean kingston one too many times

Date of Death



Rachael Gertrude Gomez was born October 5th, 1995 to a mexican prostitute who gave her up for adoption. She was adopted by the whitest family in America, who changed their new daughter's surname to Selenski. Rachael grew up in the town of Westborough, where she was often bullied for being a spic. And her parents' only advice to stop the cruelty was "Just be yourself!" But when she tried to discuss her erotic Jeff the killer fanfiction with her peers it only made matters worse. Now she was seen as a complete slut. This made Rachael very angry and she started to lose grip on her sanity, conspiring ways to kill everyone. On Sunday, April 7th, 2009 she killed a hamster and put the corpse in her high school math teacher's coffee before class started. The teacher drank it and choked on the hamster, vomiting in front of the whole class. Rachael was so overcome with joy that her plan had worked, that she erupted in maniacal laughter, frightening her classmates. From then on, she was severely outcasted and bullied. The stress caused her to stop trying in school and just focus completely on destroying everyone.

When Rachael wasn't being harassed by the school bully Jared, she was at her best friend Andrew's house. Andrew had a big penis and Rachael did not, which made her angry sometimes. So she took it out on her friend by tying it with barbed wire and performing evil experiments on the teenager when they was asleep.


Biggest Pet Peeves and Turn-Offs (Mortal)


Ben Drowned

Favorite Colors

Black, black, and black! but no black PEOPLE.

Mortal Views On Death

"It makes me squirt."