Soul Traits

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Harmony Ingram

Height - 10ft 0 inches

Weight - ?

Hand Dominance - Right

Eye Color - Deep Pink

Mortal Name - Sarah Macarty

Cause of Death

Suicide; massive amount of blood loss from lacerations of the wrists.

Date of Death

February 15, 2012


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Dark and Deceptive Side

Although Harmony intends on using her powers to benefit the living, she also has a dark and deceptive side. She is known to lure humans into the ghost squad by encouraging them to commit suicide. There's no rhyme or reason to the personality; some humans are aided and live on while others are pushed to the brink of insanity, and ultimately end their own lives. Harmony aids humans in committing suicide, seducing them with physical contact, and promising in a seductive voice that "everything will be okay..." One of Harmony's eternal goals is to find a man worthy enough of spending eternity with her. Although the ghost squad only consists of feminine souls, she's made it her side mission to find the perfect boyfriend; living...or dead...She can become significantly manipulative to her "patients". While most circumstances are full of good intentions, she can often abuse her powers and cause her spells to dissipate. There have been several humans who have fallen out of the hypnotic state and have fallen into sheer panic at what was floating in front of them; two humans are known to have suffered fatal heart attacks from the traumatic experience. Her deceptive side emerges once every five to seven patients. It's like a baseball pitcher hitting the batter with a pitch; it doesn't happen that often, but every once in a while you'll have a wild pitch get away from you.


- Kind-Hearted     - Wrist Cutter     - Singer     - Hypnotic     - Seductive     - Hard-Working     - Respectful     - Depressive     - Giving     - Intelligent     - Deceptive     - Caring     - Responsible     - Lively     - Warm     - Over-Thinker     - Outgoing     - Romantic     - Inspiring     - Organized     - Cunning     - Cautious     - Trustworthy     - Supportive     - Artistic     - Social     - Creative     - Passionate     - Vocal     - Determined

Biggest Pet Peeves and Turn-Offs (Mortal)

- Crying children     - Players     - Liars     - Cheaters     - Bullies     - Loud noises that prevent me from studying/working     - Snoring     - Drama queens     - Slow drivers     - Cold water     - Cold weather     - Lazy humans     - Potholes     - Laziness     - People who give up too easily     - Disorganization     - Drug addicts     - Acne     - Stressful exams     - Money whores     - Suck-ups     - Wannabes/Ripoffs     - Sluts     - Bumpy roads     - Rap music     - People who think rap is “real music”

Favorite Colors

If it’s not pink then I don’t like it.

Mortal Views On Death

“I never really thought about dying until I got into high school. I’d like to believe that deep down we are all good people, and in the end we can all become one. We call all exist in eternal peace and harmony. There will be no evil, only love and generosity. It’ll be our responsibility as deceased souls to aid the living in their times of need; that’s what I’d do…”