Squad Rules

This is a list of the many things Ember Mclain considers defiant and are strictly not allowed. You have five strikes and then you will be placed in a "Special Training Program". It is very very secret, and most ghosts fail the test and are automatically sent back to purgatory. The ones that have passed the test refuse to speak about it.

  • Disobeying any of Ember's orders, including ones involving sexual activity and/or milk.
  • Having sex with a man.
  • Playing rap music in an area where it can be heard by other ghosts.
  • Insulting Ember.
  • Using your futa penis for anal sex with human girls.
  • Listening to any song composed by Phil Spector.
  • Watching anything related to the Ghostbusters franchise.
  • Breaking a lava lamp.
  • Touching a pygmy owl.
  • Not killing an Indian man who harasses you on Facebook.