Soul Traits


Andrew Blaze

Height - 10ft 3 inches

Weight - ?

Hand Dominance - Right

Eye Color - Cobalt/Slate Blue

Mortal Name - Randy Stair

Cause of Death

cum too hard ouchie ouch


Suicide [Shotgun Blast Through Roof of the Mouth]

Date of Death

June 8, 2017 - 11:53am



In a generic suburban housing unit in Pennsylvania lived a once-promising young man by the name of Randy Robert Stair. Although he had a normal, privileged middle class life and showed relatively little signs of psychological disturbance, even possessing a following in the thousands online, this young man grew to become withdrawn like so many of the millennials he represents, most likely becoming disillusioned and disenfranchised when he realized that society had lied. He wasn't something interesting or special. There wasn't going to be a happy ending where all his dreams come true. He wasn't going to be famous with the world worshiping him and women desiring him as the television that was used to raise him had promised. Realizing that his job at a super market was as good as it was going to get, Randy became depressed and in his isolation, he degenerated physically and emotionally and decided to follow a path that he thought would grant him the control he wanted in his life, and would give him the fame he ever so desired after developing a disturbing interest in mass shootings and criminals, most notably the ones who went for a jolly time in high school, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.

As time goes on and more of his family members and friends give more interviews, more details about his backstory will arrive. Stay tuned!

Online life[edit]

Like most Millenials, Randy had an active, persistent and long-lived life online. Although seemingly normal in his adolescence, for some reason he grew immature, awkward and mentally ill in his 20s, eventually fantasizing and believing himself to be connected to some lame Danny Phantom world he conjured.


Randy has been active on YouTube since as early as 2007, but has went through several accounts with only a handful known to currently exist. One of them had nearly 9,000 subscribers and another other one of importance, where he posted his cringy artwork and suicide manifesto possessing about 400 subscribers before he went Cho and had it shoot up in views from there until it got terminated a few days later. He was popular enough that several youtubers actually sent in fan footage to him. Other videos of his, by 2016 (when he was visibly fucked up in the head) include him talking about the paranormal.



DING DING DING!! No fucking SHIT this edgelord had a fucking DA account. This spoiled little fucking dipshit infested an already retarded ass site with his nonsense and tried to recruit several artists to voice act and draw his fantasy world school shooting shit but obviously triggered them all. He paid some ditsy fat chicks to voice act for other flashes that didn't immediately make any sane person go to, Name field: Randy Robert Stair, Description: TL;DR and fucking click submit on that shit.

Following his death, even DeviantArt losers bullied him and felt the need to distance themselves from him because like most of the world's grazing herds like Islam, the Democratic Party and becoming a faithful Christian boy, so you can marry off your 12-year-old daughter that you knocked up. When somebody finally goes through with and does what they all talk about wanting to do there's an immediate desire to make everyone feel safe again by airing out all the sins of that one person and saying it was just them, they're psycho, don't get the real message of the group or that that person isn't a true example of who they really are so that people will stop looking into the rest of their pasts and discover that they are capable of the same damn thing some time, down the road.


Like most millenials and z-tards, this guy was on Instagram where he posted a combination of his cringy artwork and fantasy girlfriend along with some selfies. We have a big screencap of most of his tweets here.


Randy flooded his accounts with his shitty artwork and several messages suggesting he was going to commit mass murder in the future. Again, the NSA is shit at its job and anyone who works for them sucks 37 dicks. In a row.

Facebook Columbiner group[edit]

Randy was apparently a part of a sizeable fanclub group on Kikebook (Columbine Picture Archive and Discussion) full of disturbed thot attention whores and thirsty feminist beta males dedicated to the pieces of shit who perpetrated the infamous Columbine shooting a generation ago. Some of the thot-ass, mentally ill, cocksucking, degenerate columbiner cunts there were butthurt over the shooter's death as they communicated to him frequently, crying about how their dear friend was gone when they likely rejected any and all romantic advances he made while sucking the twat juice off their Chad boyfriends' giant cocks and keeping Randy as an omega pet.

Super Columbine Massacre RPG Forums[edit]

Super Columbine Massacre RPG was a mediocre RPG Maker game released in 2005, that was directly based off of the Columbine Massacre, placing the player in the roles of the shooters. The game developer, Danny Ledonne, made a forum for the game for members to discuss every single detail pertaining to Columbine, along with any other school shootings and mass shootings in general. Obviously, there would be a few school shooters to lurk or contribute to the forums, such as the Sandy Hook shooter or Kimveer Gill. After the creator realized the Pandora's box that he opened by creating his community, he shut the forums down in 2013 in the aftermath of Sandy Hook. However, the general community scene was revitalized when another person made a new forum, which contains a dedicated and relatively active community to this day. Randy was part of this, with his account (registered on December 16th, 2016) being used to make 63  posts. Unlike Adam Lanza though, he wasn't nearly as much of a warning sign and thus several of the NSA Agents stalking the forum didn't spot him in time.


-China -Cumrag

Biggest Pet Peeves and Turn-Offs (Mo

Favorite Colors

Black men

Mortal Views On Death

"I don't understand why I like fish so much but god damn do I love being a fish lover right now in this very moment!"